“New Normal” On Its Side

New Normal, not quite done
New Normal, not quite done

Well, I was in a bit of a brighter mood when I came into the studio this morning than I was when I left it last night.

First thing I did when started working was reduced that big dark area on the right of my quilt to a small strip.  Then  I added a hunk of that wonderful colorful patchwork plaid.  I sewed the two pieces of scrap patches together (I made it with the few pieces of left overs from the other two patches and added some of the small scraps that I  made while making the rest of the quilt.)  then put a touch of pink (Minnie and Mickey Mouse kissing) on the bottom to balance the pinks.

It looked just right to me on the floor, but when I hung it on the wall, it didn’t seem to work as well.  So…. I flipped it upside down…

New Normal....
New Normal….

…and I liked that better, but then thought,  why not try it on its side.

New Normal, right side up
New Normal, right side up

And…Oh, that was enough for me.  There was no question in my mind that this was the way New Normal is supposed to go.  ( I did try it the fourth and last way, and it wasn’t even worth taking a picture of) No wonder I was having so much trouble figuring out that last piece, I was working on the quilt  on its side!

So that’s it,  New Normal is done, except for the batting, backing and tacking which really hardly makes it done, but the design part is done.  I’ll finish the rest of it during the week (if I don’t get distracted by something else that is).


4 thoughts on ““New Normal” On Its Side

  1. Love to hear about the way you work, Maria, to get your design to please you – which IS the important factor!

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