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"In My Tree"
“In My Tree”

So yesterday I wrote a big long post about how I finally feel free from the pressure of having to make and sell my art every day. And today I spent the day updating my Buy My Art page on my blog. ( A different kind of creative).

Obviously it’s  has been on my mind so I decided to take a look my Buy My Art page, something I haven’t done for a while.  And I saw that it was quite out of date.  It was interesting to me how much I’ve changed since making that page.  At the time, I was so hesitant and ambiguous about selling my work.  I had this whole page dedicated to selling my art but didn’t have much of anything to buy on it, just a lot of “maybe this and maybe that”.

So I’ve revamped my Buy My Art page.  And now it actually has something on it to buy. (It seems I always had some things stashed away that I was saving for I don’t know what, so I figure, why not put them up on my Buy My Art page)   And I hope it’s a bit more clear and direct in how to go about doing that.  I also have some of Jon’s work for sale on the page and I hope to always have a line or two of notecards for sale.

This page will continue to change as I sell what’s on  it and put up new work.  So check it out and let me know what you think.  There’s some new stuff (from both me and Jon) on it that I’ve never put up  for sale before.   Just click here or on the words Buy My Art at the top of my blog.  And let me know what you think.

Jon Katz 5x7 signed photos.
A bunch of Jon’s 5×7 signed photos

6 thoughts on “Buying My Art

  1. Congratulations, Maria. Your progress toward this point has been so inspiring. With retirement 3 days away, I am encouraged to begin selling my quilts. Truly I had my heart in my throat when I hung them recently when we had a yard sale. They attracted a lot of attention but I was stumbling as I tried to talk about my process. You give me hope that I can overcome the reluctance.

  2. Maria, I think artists make art for themselves and are not always good at promoting themselves or doing the business end of promoting themselves. So, first thing, might you consider changing your heading from “gallery” to BUYING MY ART. Might that not be more direct. Then, information on how to order it, etc. Also the layout…look at that page like you would your quilt…how you vary the size of your pieces and colours in a quilt, the webpage could use the same application…varying sizes and colours of what is offered…also categorize it into sections…like Jon’s cards, etc. then your quilts, your potholders, your drawings…and remember, free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it…>!!!
    Sandy P, in Canada, who didn’t know anything about computers and the internet and found I had to set up websites for my business…and found that it’s fun…but I give the material to someone who knows how to do it, I just do the layouts..

    1. It would be great to do all those things with my site Sandy. And maybe someday I will. Right now I have a limited way of posting pictures. But it’s a good idea. And my gallery is not the stuff I have for sale, That’s all my past work. I guess this can be a bit confusing. The Buy My Art Button at the top of my page is where I’m selling stuff.

  3. Looks good! By the way, I still find myself looking at my quilt, and see something a little different or unique. I love it– it’s so pretty, it actually gives me incentive to make the bed, so I can see all of it! 🙂

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