Shawna Makes It Glow

ShawnaLast night I had a dream of a woman in a Native American bird mask and wings. The wings, were filled with drawings of everyday things, like lamps and dishes and furniture.  The mask and wings glowed yellow.   Another woman who was  standing next to the masked woman said “Shawna makes it glow”.

When I woke up I looked up the name Shawna, a name that has no meaning to me.  The Wikipedia definition is “God is Gracious”.  The Urban Dictionary meaning is “a sexy woman”.  It made me think of the  Divine Feminine and the idea that pleasure connects us to divinity.

When I looked for images of the mask and wings I saw in my dream, I found it was similar to the Native American Thunderbird.  Traditionally the Thunderbird is said to make wind and thunder when it flaps it’s wings and lightening comes from its eyes.  It’s a symbol of strength and power.

I’m still sorting this out and I want to research it some more.  But I have no doubt it will make its way further into my work.

6 thoughts on “Shawna Makes It Glow

  1. once again, Maria, I devour your gentle honesty.
    yea…he’s carrying his own equipment again. I can relate to not wanting to be the caddy.

  2. Cool, Maria!

    Speaking of sketches, the one you sent to me and that I framed now has a place of honor in our dining room, across from where I sit each morning and evening. It looks mighty fine there! 🙂

  3. Have you ever read any of the picture books by Byrd Baylor? They’re all about the Native Americans of the southwest; the writing is poetry and I think you’d like the artwork too. Most of her books were illustrated by the same gifted artist (whose name escapes me at the moment).

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