License to Lift

Jon taking a picture of an old barn on the way home from Albany today.
Jon taking a picture of an old barn on the way home from Albany today. A beautiful thing to see.

Ever since Jon started taking pictures (way before we were married)  he has tried several times in several different ways to get me to assist him by carrying his lenses and tripods etc.  Although before we were together I did many different paying jobs for Jon from researching the history of Old Bedlam Farm to driving him around on book tour to repairing slate roofs at the farm.  But I always had a visceral reaction to carrying his camera equiptment around for him.  It was just something I wouldn’t do.

Until a few weeks ago when he came out of the hospital and not only couldn’t he carry his camera, (he couldn’t lift anything over 5lbs.)  he wasn’t allowed to even lift it to take a picture.  So he finally got what he wanted, not, I’m sure,  that he would say it was worth it.   So for three weeks I’ve been hauler and at time a human tripod.  And I was happy to do it, most of the time anyway.  I tried to be patient and open minded about it, after all, I know it was just as or more frustrating for Jon not to be able to take pictures,  but there were times when it got to me.  And as much as I tried to hide my  irritation, well, Jon just knows me too well for that.

But now, that’s all over.  Today we met with Jon’s  Heart Surgeon  Dr. Akujuo (who he still has a crush on and I don’t blame him, she’s deserving of it)  and she gave him the OK to take pictures again.  So on the way home it was like old times stopping on the side of the road for the old barn or landscape.

I have  a feeling with Jon’s refurbished heart and license to lift, we’re going to be stopping on the side of the road more than ever.  And nothing could make me happier, this weekend I’ll get a new sketch pad and we’ll be ready for every old barn and landscape we can find  in Washington County.

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  1. I have to chuckle. You know he is still going to want you to carry equipment for him but I have a feeling you will give him “the look” and he will do it for himself. Just so glad Jon is feeling better and you can both get on with life.

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