Blue Horse

Blue Horse
Blue Horse

It was Pamela, from Blue Star Equiculture  who told me the story of the Blue Horse who sang and told stories with premonitions.  I’ve been thinking about Blue Horse and after drawing this had a dream of a horse who turned into a wolf.  In my dream it was scary, but I got on his back and rode him to help him turn back into a horse again.  He was like a werewolf except he turned from a horse to a wolf instead of a man to wolf.

Blue Horse is SOLD for sale.  It’s pencil on 12×9 archival paper and is $25 + $5 shipping. If you’re interested in it just email me at [email protected].

I also have two more new drawings for sale on my  Buy My Art page.

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  1. I love the notecards and would certainly enjoy using them to send friends cheery greetings. I grew up in a family of letter writers, and I continue that tradition even as the world of email and text messages creep more and more into our lives.

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