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Jane McMcmillen's Acorn Pincushions
Jane Mcmillen’s Acorn Pincushions (Imagine what Lisa’s squirrel would do with these!)

I don’t get to read all the blogs I would like to read everyday, so there are times where I’ll pick one of the blogs on my blog roll and scroll through reading past posts.  I did this the other day with Jane McMillen’s blog Little House Home Arts.  You may remember seeing Jane’s soft sculpture pincushions on my site, her work has been in the Pig Barn Gallery and at our more recent Bedlam Farm Open Houses.  She will, once again, have some of her pincushions at this October’s Open House.

But back to Jane’s blog.  Honestly, sometimes I  find the length of some of Jane’s blog posts intimidating.  But I have to say, they are  always worth the read.  They are thoughtful, informative, always real and funny.  Jane has a great sense of humor and dry delivery which comes across in her writing.

There were two posts that really caught my attention and I felt I wanted to share them with those of you who have not already read them. The first is Testimonial–Little House Pincushions are “Beautiful and Delicious” about how “Project Runway” Contestant and Fashion Designer Emmet McCarthy bought one of Jane’s tomato pincushions as a gift for his friend the artist Lisa Zador and a squirrel stole it from her NYC apartment and tried to eat it.

The squirrel eating Jane's pincushion
The squirrel eating Jane’s pincushion outside Lisa’s window in NYC

The second is a post A Tribute To My Late Father Or How Insanity Helps, that Jane wrote about her relationship to her father and how  his practical advice influenced the artist that Jane has always been.  It begins with her Armchair Journey (sewing fleece socks while watching on TV)  following Pope Francis  during his trip to the Middle East. It’s filled with revealing insights into Jane’s life as an artist and funny (it made me laugh out loud) photo’s such as this one…

"Jane receives a blessing"
“Jane receives a blessing”

And besides getting to read about Jane’s life and art in her home in Vermont, you can see and buy her unique work.  So have fun, I sure did.

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