New Normal Quilt

"New Normal"
“New Normal”

I finished my quilt “New Normal”  and draped it over the bed in the guest room which is also my office where I do my shipping.  Quilts always look so different when they’re on a bed. I like the way it hangs over the sides of the bed giving it rounded and soft edges.   Looking at  it made me feel like I wanted to get under it or wrap it around me.  Maybe by getting that close to it I could know what my new normal felt like.   But I didn’t, instead  I folded it up, cutting any loose threads and checking it for dog hairs.  Then put it in a box to send off to it’s new owner.

new normal words

6 thoughts on “New Normal Quilt

  1. This quilt was lovely hanging up, but it takes on a whole other personality on the bed. The new normal is really meant to lie down on the job!! Annie

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