Blue Horse, Person, Blue Star

Person, Horse, Blue Star
Person, Horse, Blue Star

A few weeks ago  Pamela from Blue Star Equiculture left a message saying  she had something she wanted to ask me.  Jon got to know Pamela when he started writing about the NYC Carriage Horses.  She co-founded Blue Star Equiculture, a Sanctuary for Work Horses that also re-homes them.  But they’re more than that.  They are as dedicated to people and the earth as much as the horses.  Actually they believe that the three are necessary for each other to exist.  Pamela and the volunteers at Blue Star work every day with all different kinds people from all over to live this idea and spread this idea.

When Jon and I visited Blue Star a few months ago I once again fell in love with the giant horses there. (I was first enchanted by these magical creatures when I met them in the stables in NYC).  The strange thing is, before meeting these horses I was actually afraid of them.  Mostly because they are so big.  If they move their head too quickly, I though, they could knock me down. But after meeting them and seeing the way they are with people, witnessing and feeling the strong connection between them, I was not longer afraid. And them I too was able feel the bond, that ancient connection. It was like a memory, something I once knew and had forgotten, even though my experience with horses is very limited.  And since then, something inside me has changed, or maybe just opened up when it comes to horses.  I feel, even though I don’t own one or ride, that they have entered my life.  I’m not sure where it will go or what form it will take, but now, they are a part of me.

So when Pamela asked me if she could commission a piece for the Blue Star Sanctuary, I was actually honored and happy to do it as a donation.  I felt it was something unique I could give.  Pamela told me about the Blue Star prophecy, how it’s about new beginnings and the Blue Horse who sang the prophecy.  I showed up in some of Pamela’s  dreams and she knew that she wanted me to make a piece for Blue Star to use on their website.  It needed to have in it a person, a horse and Blue Star, the rest was up to me.

I started working on it yesterday. I started with Blue Horse…


Then made the person (neither male or female, and both male and female)…

blue star person

Now I’m working on Blue Star….

blue star (1)

I picked out my background colors and the photo at the top of the page is close to what it will look like when it’s all done.


7 thoughts on “Blue Horse, Person, Blue Star

  1. Not to be pushy yet I see this so clearly in my mind’s eye with carriage wheels overlapping the oval and the bottom part, on either side…needs something…?

    However it turns out it will be cherished.

  2. Dear Maria, You captured the essence of Pamela’s heart felt work so perfectly! And I love the red-orange with blue. Annie

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