Inspiration From Photographer Vivian Maier

Shadow Self Portrait in the Barn
My Shadow Self Portrait in the Barn

Vivian Maier was a  Nanny and street photographer born in 1926.  She took over 100,000 photographs in her life and never showed  them to anyone.  In 2005 her work was discovered by historian John Maloof in Chicago.  I read about her, was intrigued by her story, then Jon got me a book of her photos.

Of all her photos that I’ve seen I’m most drawn to her self portraits. Many of them are reflections in mirrors or glass or shadow portraits.  They are honest and revealing.  They seem spontaneous as if she was just walking past a store and caught her reflection in it.

Since seeing her photographs and seeing the Carrie Mae Weems exhibit at the Guggenheim  I’ve been playing with taking self portraits with my iphone.  I’m intrigued by the idea of reflections and shadows and figuring out how to hold my camera so it doesn’t cover me face.  I love the idea of the honesty that can come from self portraits, not pretty pictures, but pictures that tell the truth about who we really are.

I’m fascinated and inspired by Vivian Maier’s photographs and her story.  Check out her website here, and enjoy!

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  1. Maria and Jon,
    There is a wonderful documentary about Vivian Maier, called ‘Finding Vivian Maier.’ Try to find it…….I think you will enjoy it.

    Enjoy your getaway.

    Take good care.


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