Another Year, A New Heart


Jon didn't pick any flowers, only took their picture.
Jon didn’t pick any Sunflowers,(good thing, right?) only took their picture.

Eight-Eight-FortySeven,  the day Jon was born. How many times did he say that when he was in the hospital.  Everyone asked him, it was how they identified him.  It became a joke, someone would say hello and he’d say Eight-Eight-Forty Seven.

Now it’s a little over a month later,  (almost Eight-Eight Twenty Fourteen ) and we’re doing something I didn’t think possible when he was greeting everyone with his birth date.  I even tried to cancel our reservations but couldn’t because we made them so long ago and it was a “special rate”.  So we taking that trip, for Jon’s Birthday, to New York City after all.  It won’t be our usual crazy run around the city, filling every moment.  This time we’ll walk in  Central Park, visit a museum, see a movie and do a lot of resting in between.  That’s the plan anyway. So now I’m really glad I wasn’t able to cancel those reservations.  Because there’s lots to celebrate, more that I would have imagined when we made the reservations.

Another year, a new heart.  We’re coming back on Saturday, but I have a feeling the celebration will continue……


9 thoughts on “Another Year, A New Heart

  1. OMGosh Maria — I cracked up when I read the sign. Here’s Jon SHOOTING the sunflowers behind a warning of being SHOT. I hope virtual “picking” is permitted. Thanks for making my day, and have a great trip to NYC.

  2. So exciting! I am looking forward to see if your limits (*one* museum, *one* movie…) hold. Smiling even as I’m thinking about it!

  3. Oh Maria, This is so “Jon” to me. Your text makes my heart feel strong and my heart cry at the same time. You and Jon are magic. :)

  4. I’m so happy for Maria and for Jon, and his near heart. Wishing you both a great year coming up, keep on keepin’ on! :) Love to you both.

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