Through Whose Eyes

manhole coverSo Jon and I are walking through Central Park and he, of course has his camera out and is taking pictures and I’m resuming my own personal  No-work I’m on vacation policy when we walk past this manhole cover mostly covered by sand and the shadow of a mesh fence delineating where the sand ends and the curved steel of the manhole begins.   There’s something about this, that make me break my No-work I’m on vacation policy and pull out my camera.   I’m so excited I can barely stand it  “Look” I say to Jon “look at this”.   When I point it out, he sees it, and even takes a picture (as I’m still struggling to find my iphone in my bag)  but isn’t really interested.  I’m trying to explain why this manhole, sand and shadow has me salivating and all I can say is “look how the line of the shadow lines up with the line the sand makes.”  Honestly, I don’t understand myself why this is so beautiful and fascinating to me.  I think part of it has to do with the different textures and soft and hard lines but why it gets me so excited, I can’t begin to say.

And the really interesting part is that Jon and I can walk through the same park right next to each other and each  see a different park.  And we’re aware of it.   I still can’t predict what will capture Jon’s attention enough for him to  want to take a picture of it.  So often I think I know and am, more often than not, surprised.   And, for the most part, the things that  hook me are not the things that would catch his eye.   So it definitely keeps things fresh.  We each get to see not just through our own eyes, but through each others eyes too.

7 thoughts on “Through Whose Eyes

  1. I know what you mean Maria. I can get “taken” with some combination of form-color-composition and just stare…how fascinating. Often my companions don’t get it because it is small, unlikely things- not the “picture perfect landscape” stuff. I’m talking about those serendipitous little compositions life offers in unexpected places if you can just stop and see.

  2. Dear Maria, I love the insights you give into how your relationship with Jon works!! My own relationship with my life’s partner is much more separate. We are quite private from each other, which actually works for us as both of us have a hard time trusting people of the opposite sex. Not a difficult time LIKING them, just trusting them. So we are defined more by our space than our closeness. Your relationship with Jon is the first REALLY CLOSE one that I’ve been privileged to see and I thank you for sharing so openly! Annie

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