Blue Star Equiculture Wall Hanging

Blue Star
Blue Star

My days have been scattered and stretched and in between I’ve been going to my studio and getting some work in.  It feels so good to be there even if it’s just for a couple of hours at a time.   Today, around my  weekly lunch with Mandy and Athena and Jon’s doctors appointment I was able to finish the wall hanging for Blue Star Equiculture.

Looking at it after it was all done, I saw some things that I wasn’t conscious of when I was making it.

It started the piece by knowing that (as Pamela requested) it needed to have a person (neither male nor female or both) a horse and Blue Star.  It took about a week for those three things to roll around in my head before I saw, in my mind,  the circle with the person and horse in it.  Pamela told me the story of Blue Horse singing the Blue Star Prophecy (a story of  new beginnings) and I immediately had an idea of the blue fabric I would use to make the horse.  But when I did, it wasn’t right.  The pattern was too big, too distracting.  In looking for the “right” blue, I found a piece that I didn’t even know I had.  Something that came in a box from Kenna and I had somehow missed.  It was patterned with leaves and it seemed just right.

I used the reverse of the same fabric for the pants of the person.  Their shirt is made from a yellow fabric with spirals on it. I made the Blue Star last, giving it a yellow aura to match that of the person. Then I found the perfect button in my button tin for its center.   It was one I had looked at so many times, but couldn’t use because the hole to sew it on with was broken.  But it was perfect and this time I was determined to use it. So I heated a needle with a candle and poked a new hole through the back of the button, glad I hadn’t thought of doing that the last time I wanted to use that button.

When I was all done sewing, I tacked the orange circle with orange thread to “quilt” it in place and hold it all together.  And when I stepped back to look at it I saw how the piece connected earth and sky.  The person, like a tree, grounded and reaching up to the sky.  The Blue Star completely of the sky.  And Blue Horse connecting them all in its placement between the two and in its mystical and earthly presence.

What a surprise to see this come together and be some much more than the sum of its parts.

Blue Star with button
Blue Star with button

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  1. I like it a lot, too Maria – the earth/sky connection continues in the person standing in/on the earth reaching for the sky. Especially eye-catching for me is the sky’s pattern, like a cloud formation riding the winds, a movement that is passing through the picture giving it an added depth that reminds me also of ocean waves. A very engaging piece and great composition! Thank you for sharing :-)

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