Delivering “Blue Star”

Pamela Rickenbach, co-founder of Blue Star Equiculture with their new logo that I made

Jon and I took a trip to Blue Star Equiculture to day to deliver the quilted piece I made for them. It will be their new logo.   So much happened (including that I got to ride Piper, the Percheron I fell for on our last visit) and I’m still overwhelmed by the whole experience.  I’m not yet able to put into words what I’m feeling.  Stories from the day are swirling around my head.    I’m going to have to  let it settle and write about it later.

4 thoughts on “Delivering “Blue Star”

  1. Oh Maria, So very beautiful and special..I can see what a powerful and spiritual experience this is..I am so grateful for your blog..I find so much in it..funny I often feel things like that so big that everything swirls around and I need to be wuiet and absorb it all..I wish you a wonderfully reflective day! BTW you do look great up there on Piper! Louise from Massachusetts

  2. You looked lovely on top of that huge horse. I grew up riding a mid size small horse and it wasn’t until late in my horse life that I rode anything over 16 hands. Its quite the change in perspective. I always understood why horses have been such a draw for women, when I think of our history of lack of freedoms and oppressions, being on top of a horse gave and gives women glimpses of a life of power, freedom and movement. the few times I rode a draft or draft cross, the feeling of strength was incredible and the feeling I could do anything with such a partner. I’m glad you got to experience being that high and strength. Give Jenna a call, I bet she would take you over to visit Patti and Steel and there is nothing like the thunder of cantering a Percheron across a field! Its never too late for horse love!

  3. Maria, What I love about the quilt is all the organic elements in it. The plant materials running through the various fabrics. Colors of earth, sky, water, sun. And the central figures- person, horse, star. Blending together into a beautiful organic whole.

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