Pillowcase Quilt

pillowcase quiltI still have to sew some of these pieces together, but this is what I’ve come up with for Kay’s Pillowcase Quilt.  It’s starting to look like a fancy dessert to me. Creamy and delicate.  Oh no, now want something sweet to eat. This quilt is making me hungry!

12 thoughts on “Pillowcase Quilt

  1. YES!

    A wonderful quilt and when I opened your blog I first enlarged the photograph and then I thought “I’ll maybe make a lemon sandwich cake this afternoon” and didn’t know for a minute where that thought came from–then I read your words.

    We use different bedding for the seasons, dictated by temperature and this is Spring personified.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Wow, you really outdid yourself in designing this quilt — it is just flat out plain beautiful! I had my doubts about how a quilt made from pillowcases would come together but you managed to incorporate not only the obviously lovely embroidery but also created a texture out of the positioning of the various shades of white & cream within the non-embroidered blocks. Just luscious!

  3. Maria, of all of the quilts you have made, I think this is my very favorite. It has a light, delicate, somewhat airy feeling that makes it seem to float. As my favorite aunt used to say,” It is luscious .”
    One takes for granted how lovely pillowcases can be and then when you see them stitched together like this, it puts a whole new light on them.
    I love my pillowcases and even have little ones that fit on my “baby” (I mean in size) pillows. Each time I change my sheets, I try to color coordinate them so that when I go to sleep, I can dream on beautiful, subtle patterns or colors. I know that sounds crazy, but I get such pleasure from putting all of that together.
    You have taken pillowcases to a new art form. I love your handkerchief scarves and your pot holders too, but this use of pillowcases is a whole other thing. Something unique and delicious. I hope that people send you their pillowcases so that you can continue with this new way of putting together something so special and personal. Anyone who receives one of your pillowcase quilts (if you continue with them) will have a work of art for years to come. Please keep up this wonderful new style!!!!!
    You are so creative and talented; I just love to see what keeps springing up from your mind.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

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