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Pillowcase Quilt
Pillowcase Quilt

I had just enough time this morning to piece together my Pillowcase Quilt before going to work at the Cambridge Co-op.  It was special because it’s my first time back volunteering since Jon was in the hospital.  More proof that he’s getting better every day.

The other special part was seeing Kim (she works at the Co-op part time)  and telling her about all the wonderful things everyone is saying about her felted purses.  That kind of encouragement can be so important to someone when they’re starting out like she is.  And now she knows it’s not just me being nice to her.

Encouraging other artists to make and show their work has been important to me since I started doing my own work regularly and taking it serious.  I’m not sure that it’s something that would have happened if I didn’t have Jon’s encouragement.  He helped me to see that it was possible and that creativity is an important part of life not to be taken lightly.  I know how being able to do my work has changed my life.  And that by  denying the artist inside of me I was denying my true self and could never be truly fulfilled or happy.

So I’m always thrill to pass along what Jon gave to me.  Someone saying, Yes, you can do this thing. It is important, it’s your voice, it’s who you are. 

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  1. Kim’s purses are really cute ~ I don’t imagine there will be any left at the end of the open house. And every photo of this quilt is even more lovely than the one before it. It came out beautifully.

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