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  1. Maria, Jon’s blog this morning about working through pain was wonderful and I’m sure will speak to many of his readers. Your studio looks beautiful, a beacon of creativity, of hope, of joy. On the spectrum of colours, yellow has a voice. I think your studio is speaking for you. I don’t know what is happening in the world these days but to me, there is a lot of negative energy going around. If everyone got together and thought positive thoughts, I wonder how the world would be then
    SandyP in Canada

  2. Yellow, my favorite color.
    It speaks to positive energy, and hope. The perfect color for your studio, where so many beautiful ideas come to life.

  3. I understand about that black hole..falling in it deeper and deeper..trying to climb out of it and not succeeding..hopelessness and despair..and then finally getting through the pain and darkness to the other side-Yellow is such a wonderful color and it is like the sunshine banishing the dark..I am so glad you where able to shed that pain-and that Red helped you accomplish that..you are such a special person, so talented-you and Jon are so helpful to each other. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences..I could relate..

  4. Almost as though the yellow springlike quilt gave you the strength to finish this painting–oh well done, well done and doesn’t the studio look so welcoming?

  5. Hello Maria,
    Your studio looks wonderful. The yellow just seems to radiate warmth and happiness.
    I appreciate the emotions you went through tackling this task. Too often, those who fall/get sucked into a black hole cannot find the strength to climb back out. Reading your post, it seems going back — although painful — actually allowed and helped you to move forward. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
    Regarding your “Paint” drawing, what struck me most was your “pain” can. Curious to know did you do the drawing before or after painting the studio.

    1. It was after Leslie and I never only realized it when I was writing the word “paint” and there wasn’t enough room for the “T”. Then I got it too.

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