Dance With Me

Self portrait in lions mouth
Self portrait in lions mouth, NYC.  Next time I’m in New York, I’m going to roar back.

There are two flights of gray  wooden stairs leading up to Athena’s Music Sanctuary.  They are old and creaky.  The building itself is a Victorian era factory, now  mostly inhabited by artists and healers and  other self-employed locals.  Other than the stairs, it’s usually very quiet.  But today I was greeted by the sound of Athena’s music when I stepped through the front door.  I followed it through the hallways, louder with each step.  She told me she turned the volume down before I got there, but I her smile said she was happy to have her music heard throughout the building.  So was I.

It’s Wednesday, the day Mandy and Athena and I meet for lunch and meditating or dancing before that.  Mandy had a last-minute appointment and Athena banged up her knee in a bicycle accident so I assumed we wouldn’t be dancing.  But Athena had another idea.  “I’ll play piano” she said “and you can dance”.    A year ago I couldn’t have done it.  A part of me wanted to tell her not to watch me, but I didn’t.  I actually just loved the idea too much.

So Athena played and I danced.  Maybe moved is a better way to put it.   Her music was rich and full of emotion, her vocals not words, but sounds.  I could feel what she was playing and my body responded.  Sometimes I felt like I was swimming under water, fluid, the space around me tangible with sound.  A dance partner that  molded to my movements.  Giving up my feelings of self-consciousness, knowing I was in a safe place, I danced until Athena stopped playing.   And I knew something special happened in that old factory building in my small Upstate NY town.    A new level of trust and creativity sprouted between friends.  And then we talked about spreading the joy and  imagined a room full of people dancing around Athena’s music.  Not professional dancers, but people who want to move their bodies in a form of self-expression. People who want to toss away their self-consciousness in a safe and healing environment.  People who want to dance.

13 thoughts on “Dance With Me

  1. Oh my goodness, I would have felt the same way, too, Maria…good for you for not feeling self-conscious dancing alone to the music…I look at kids today dancing by themselves and thinking, I would never have been able to do that growing up…still couldn’t…just don’t think I could let myself go and yet, you did…where did all this self-consciousness come from? Uptight, inhibited, a fellow student at Art College (and by then I was in my early 40’s) said to me: And you probably wear flannel nighties to bed…I guess that equated with the fact that I was anal and uptight in her books…she was younger and a free-spirit from NZ. She was right but I still laugh.. I wonder what it would feel like to not have these inhibitions.
    Sandy P in Canada

  2. This is so beautiful Maria. I’m taking a dream course and I’ve been connecting to a lot of dancing guides. One is a Native Indian dancer. I’m taking a concious dance class with a friend next week as a result of all the dancing in my dreams and visions. Letting go of inhibitions. Your post speaks right to my heart. And btw that pale yellow quilt you were making appeared in one if my dreams as the fur on a camel who is now one of my new guides. I just wrote a bit about the dream on my blog. Peace to you and your dance.

  3. Good for you Maria! You know the Dolly Parton tune, “I hope you dance…” What a feeling you’ve beautifully described. Sometimes Ron and I will do this if the spirit is there. I would have moved to Athena’s music with you if I’d been there. She is so talented and positive and that smile! Yikes! We loved her concert that eve after the open house.
    Thanks for this lovely visual, Cindy

  4. How beautiful Maria! Dancing is so important to me, perhaps because I too find it hard to do. I have always encouraged my kids to dance, in fact, I have a sign in my home (my favorite, very plain old wooden sign) that simply says “I hope you dance”. My kids dance!!! Me…well, I still struggle with it…but one day I hope to experience what you have. This was just very beautiful…the innocence of your inner child, so trusting, who could not be contained and she danced!

  5. I cannot describe the emotional impact the “Dance With Me” image has created in me. Maria, I can now realize how healing this image is of you. To me, it shows the power of the mind that is humbly connected to the earth, sky, the universe of which you are connected to and can feel the energy that is in all things. Its like you are in another dimension. I love this image. I felt peaceful and one with you. I have been studying ways of the grid lines and the electro-magnetic pull that comes when a person is still and quiet and accepts the loving resources that make energy through you and into your hands that passes into another. I think now of the Dahlie Lama and that he would be smiling because he knows you have found the bliss of loving all that exists. It also has something to do with telepathy too where you can communicate without words and is answered back from ancient knowledge. Maria I am honored to behold this image and glad that you are a sister and helper making this world a more peaceful place where there is no hate, jealousy, or anger and that we all can attain this too if only we can learn to meditate and live in a positive, energetic way of love and harmony of mind…the spirit that comes alive when we let go and accept this gift. You have left the fears of struggle behind and now you are safe with all that is. Have you become a Reiki Master or Reconnection student? I also am a Reiki Master but only use it to calm me after two back surgeries and a rt hip replacement. I am in pain always but can control my mind to live with it and to keep learning the ancient ways of healing. You truly are an enlightening person and I am grateful to have this awesome photo of you. Thank you Maria for sharing your creative gifts.

  6. Maria, I hope the above letter to you gets through. Maybe I should have put the letter in this box. I am not good with computers even though I have had a book published and spent long hours in pain at the computer… and now the “Buddy Tales” is on amazon. Jon is my inspiration as I love reading his truthful and powerful words.
    I am grateful to you and Jon and each morning. I am excited to see what Jon and you have posted. Thank you!

  7. And aren’t we 4 so cute? Same freedom as Jon and you dancing outside the car by the side of the road.

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