Common Thread Give-a-way: Win Veronica Hallissey’s Poetry Book “Kiss the Moon”

Poet and artist Veronica Hallissey
Poet and artist Veronica Hallissey

“Do not chop me up
  in little pieces.
  I hate the sight of what I see
  when I see me through your eyes.

Veronica Hallissey

When you have a friend who is a poet, you get the most wonderful emails from them.  Last week, in response to some writing I did about identity, Veronica emailed me her poem which begins, “Do not chop me up…”  Such a powerful group of words, I feel like a superhero when I say them out-loud.

Luckily for all of us, Veronica has a whole book of her poetry that we can read anytime we want. It holds the wisdom of her 80 plus years of life.   It’s called Kiss the Moon and is this month’s Common Thread Give-a-way.

If you’d like to be able to win a copy of Veronica Hallissey’s Poetry Book Kiss The Moon, just click here and leave a comment on Veronica’s blog From an Upper Floor.  The randomly picked winner will be announced on Thursday. Good Luck and check out Veronica’s blog to see her writing as well as her art.


2 thoughts on “Common Thread Give-a-way: Win Veronica Hallissey’s Poetry Book “Kiss the Moon”

  1. Veronica is a word smith of the first order. Her poetry is some of the most powerful I have ever read. And what a beautiful face! Full of sweetness and sensitivity. Her poetry is full of compassion, power, insight and deep reflection. I enjoy her blog immensely.

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