Pillowcase Quilt

Pillowcase Quilt
Pillowcase Quilt

Sometime last year I decided I would no longer take commissions.  I wanted the freedom to do the work I wanted to do and to see where it would take me.  But I still had some commisssions that I  promised to people and wanted to do them if I could.  One of those pieces was to make a quilt from a bunch of embroidered pillowcases and a few hankies that Kay sent me.

It took me almost a year to do, but I did finish it.  Today I titled, dated and signed it.  And this quilt is one of the things that I really love about doing commissions.  Something I’ll might miss, although I guess I won’t know what I’m missing.  But figuring out how to make a quilt from the pillowcases that Kay sent was a completely enjoyable and expansive experience.  All those months that those pillow cases sat in the shoe box upstairs in my office/guest room, I couldn’t imagine how I would fit them  together into a quilt.  But once I took the out of the box, and with a little inspiration from my Gee’s Bend book, I knew just what to do.  Because all the pillowcases weren’t the same white as I remembered them.  There were actually many pillowcases in  three different colors and three different fabrics. All I had to do was cut them up and piece them together.  Making for a soft and subtle quilt.  And I had so much fun making this quilt I wouldn’t be surprised if it inspired me to make another one using the same idea.  Maybe not pillowcases, but perhaps linens and doilies.

So thanks Kay, for sending the pillowcases and being patient.

Title, date  and signature on my Pillowcase Quilt
Title, date and signature on my Pillowcase Quilt

10 thoughts on “Pillowcase Quilt

  1. The piecing of your quilt is lovely. From the picture, I can’t see how it is actually “quilted” together. Is it a tied quilt? Generally speaking, how do you approach quilt making beyond sewing the quilt top? Do you find that putting the three layers together is part of the art, or not?

    1. All my quilts are tied Louly. The backs of my quilts are as much art as the front to me. I usually piece them together using large pieces of fabric that somehow work with the front of the quilt. Sewing the front, back and batting together always seems daunting to me, I sometimes wish I could hand it off to someone else. But the tacking can be creative for me too. Using different color yarns and sometimes buttons or deciding which side the tie the yarn on, the front or the back.

  2. Beautiful !!!!!

    Maria what address do we mail fabric to you ?
    I have some napkins and a few pieces of fabric I think you might like

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