Lamb Calls

Liam and Suzy
Liam and Suzy

I can hear the Pumpkin calling out for his mother Socks, as I write this.    It surprises me, because I guess I thought all the lambs would sound the same, but I can tell them apart from their baa’s.  Pumpkin has a wobble to his and they come quickly, one after another as if he’s in a panic.  Socks takes a long time to answer, but when she does, she goes running to him, as if she just heard him for the first time.

Deb’s calls are  what you’d expect.  Generally two or three baa’s spaced far apart as if she’s saying , “Hey Ma, where are ya?”.   Soon there’s Ma’s answer, like a long drawn out burp.   They come together and move apart easily.

Liam is the only lamb whose baa’s I don’t recognize.  Because I never hear him call out for Suzy.  The only easy birth, Suzy is super mom.  I don’t think Liam is ever out of her sight, so there’s never any  reason for him to call out to her.

I’m imagine at some point the lambs will stop calling out to their moms.  I wonder if I’ll notice, or if I just forget they ever did.


8 thoughts on “Lamb Calls

  1. I love this. You’re so observant of the natural world – as am I. I enjoy your posts the most when they are about your life, the natural world around you, your relationships, your thoughts about the meaning of everyday life. You’re an excellent writer – I’m not sure you realize how good your are.

  2. Love this phono. Fascinating calls! I know nothing of lambs. I “get” cows, goats, dogs, cats, horses, ponies, donks and mules. No lamb history, here. Thanks for the post, MW!

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