Mrs. Pam’s Bag of Scraps

Mrs Pam's scraps piled on my table.
Mrs Pam’s fabric scraps piled on my table.

Mrs. Pam has been teaching Preschool for 50 years.   She sews clothes for girls in Nicaragua and makes catnip toys for her local Stray Rescue.  But she could use only so many scraps from all those jumpers for those catnip toys, so she sent the rest to me.

When I dumped the bag of scraps onto my table, I could imagine the little girls dressed in their new pink, blue, purple, green and yellow Jumpers.  Butterflies, and flowers, peace signs and paisley.  I hadn’t seen so many bright and cheerful fabrics since I made Olivia’s Quilt, from her little girl dresses.

I started by making potholders.  I added some of the fabric that Kenna sent me.  Similar colors but simpler or solid to juxtapose all the patterns.

potholdersThen today, I was going to make even more potholders (they were so much fun yesterday) but instead I found myself using some of the bigger scarps to start a quilt.


I added fabrics from my shelves, some more from Kenna, some from Laura Israel and some that I don’t remember where it came from.  Each time I added the right piece of fabric my heart would beat quickly, my eyes grow wide, I all but licked my lips.  I worked on it all day, and it came together as easily as the potholders.  I think I need one more strip of fabric on the right, but I’ll know for sure tomorrow.

So thank you Mrs Pam.  Your scarps are so inspiring to me.  Maybe because they have the joy of little girls in them and the energy of your good deeds.

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