Common Thread Give-a-way Winner…..


I’m not going to spoil the surprise.  You’ll have to go to Veronica’s site to see who the lucky winner of her book Kiss the Moon is.  You can get there by clicking here. 

Or if you didn’t enter the contest but just want to read some wise and moving poetry, you can also to there.

Next month’s Common Thread Give-a-way, writer and artist, is  Rachel Barlow.   If you don’t already know about Rachel’s blog, Picking my Battles, you can see it here.  It’s filled with humor and insights and wonderful drawings of life, off the grid, in Vermont with her family.  Her most recent post explores laundry and fashion on  rainy days when your only dryer is the clothes line.

"Laundry" By Rachel Barlow
“Laundry” By Rachel Barlow

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