The Sun and Moon Divide The Sky


Footsteps in the full moon,
walking on my grave.

Pain and sickness turn to light as days dissolve and nights conform

Still, flowers bloom without my eye
and the sun and moon divide the sky.


I’ve been to many cemeteries around the country and have explored lots of the early ones inhabited  by  English Settlers, but I’ve never been as moved as I was in the Winthrop Street Cemetery in Provincetown.  Partially it’s because so much of the carved writing and images are still clear and legible.  Also,  the  tall, unkept grasses and hilly, sandy paths winding through the headstones gave me the feeling of discovery as well as having a romantic atmosphere.  But it was the poetry and sentiments carved on the headstones that kept me engaged and made me want to go back the next day to see more.

It was after visiting that cemetery that I did this simple drawing and wrote the words beside it.


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