Shawna Makes it Glow

shawna a makes it glow

A while ago I had a dream of a woman wearing a Native American bird mask that seemed to be lit from within. Inside the bird wings were ordinary things that you might find in your home.   A woman who was standing next to the woman in the mask said “Shawna makes it glow”.  I did a drawing of the dream at the time, knowing I would come back to it.

So this is where I’m with it so far.  I’m going to use the words from the dream and maybe some other words too, but I’m not sure where they’ll go or how else I’ll finish the piece off.

shawna a makes it glow detail

3 thoughts on “Shawna Makes it Glow

  1. So cool – looks sort of Inuit/Native American/Incan! Speaking of Native American, Roger and I watched “Dakota 38” two nights ago. We both sat there sobbing. Powerful film and so well done…

    Welcome back from your respite time away!

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