A Day of Warmth and Creativity

Kim McMillan's new Fall Purse.
Kim McMillan’s new Fall Purse.

Fall is my favorite time of year, Kim told me.  She said she was trying to capture the feeling of movement, of the leaves falling, in her new felted purse.  I’m taken with the colors and textures, the delicacy and boldness and how they all work so well together.

I went to Kim’s house to pick up my latest batch of potholders, most of them for the Open House.  Although Kim was the only one home (besides her old, blind, white Lab, Alex and their newly arrived Halloween black cat, Blackie) I could feel the swirl of creativity as I sat down at her dining room table.  Jars or homemade salsa took up one table and more tomatoes were roasting in the oven.

Kim's Salsa, one of which I was fortunate enough to take home
Kim’s Salsa, one of which I was fortunate enough to take home

First she showed me her autumn purse then came back from the living room with the one she’s working on now.  This one is black and white and  designed around a single button she got at Jack’s Outback, an antique shop in town.  She pointed out the free-hand stitching and said the black and white button is special enough to stand on its own.  Some buttons, she said, were fillers and some were just Special.  She’ll be selling her felted purses at the Saving Simon Open House in October.

Kim's new black and white felted purse being made.
Kim’s new black and white felted purse, in the making.

I volunteered at the Cambridge Co-op today and never got into my studio.  But because of both Kathleen and Kim and their beautiful work,  my day was filled with warmth, good energy and creativity.



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  1. Maria, I so appreciate that in embracing and living out your own creative life you have become the nucleus for others to put their own art into the world by the opportunity to show it at your open houses. You have in a sense enriched the world through art beyond your own sphere- a beautiful thing.

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