Spreading Good Energy,Kathleen Nohe’s Wrapped Stones at the Bedlam Farm Open House

Kathleen's Wrapped Stones
Kathleen’s box of  Wrapped Stones accompanied by a bag of lavender

Yesterday I picked up a box from the post office.  Usually I’m excited to get a package in the mail, but yesterday the idea of a package just overwhelmed me.  So I put it in the pile of stuff on our dining room table.  When  I woke this morning at 5am the first thing that came to my mind was the package.  Something sparked inside of me and I realized it was from Kathleen Nohe.  Now I couldn’t wait to open it.

A few months ago I received an envelope in the mail from Kathleen.  Inside were three stones different stones wrapped in silver wire.  It’s something I do for my own enjoyment Kathleen wrote.  I’m a dental technician and when business is slow I make my wrapped stones.  Of course there’s more to Kathleen and her wrapped stones than that.  She’s also an energy worker and Tai Chi instructor.  Each of Kathleen’s  necklaces emanate the healing properties of the stone, as well as the caring  and loving energy Kathleen puts into each one as she makes her creative decisions.

Kathleen asked me to give one of the three stones to Jon, but I must admit, I’ve hoarded them all for myself.  A black stone, a green one and yellow and lavender quartz.  I choose which one feels right in the morning and slip it around my neck.

But as selfish as I was with what Kathleen sent me, I really did want to share her stones.  So I asked her if she would be willing to make some for me to sell at the October Bedlam Farm Open House.  And that’s what was in the package on my dining room table.  A beautiful box filled with Kathleen’s Wrapped Stones.  Each in its own little bag, a stone hanging from a leather cord adorned with silver spirals and flowers.

Yesterdays fear and panic faded as I picked up each necklace ohhing and ahhing over it.  This is what it’s about I thought. This is what’s real.   Creating, sharing, sending our good messages out into the world.  Being in fear has nothing on the feeling of excitement and joy I felt thinking of all the people who would be touched by Kathleen’s creativity and good energy.

Wrapped Stones
A few of Kathleen’s Wrapped Stones

So if you’re coming to the Saving Simon  Open House in October, you’ll have the chance to buy one of Kathleen’s Wrapped Stones.  And I’ll be happy to sell whatever is still available on my site after the Open House, but you can also get in touch with Kathleen directly at [email protected].

In Kathleen’s note that came with her necklaces she wrote, ” I hope the necklaces find homes and spread good energy around.”  I have not doubt they will.

4 thoughts on “Spreading Good Energy,Kathleen Nohe’s Wrapped Stones at the Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. Maria, these necklaces are absolutely beautiful. Works of art with stones that come from nature. What is the saying? “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” These necklaces are things of beauty that should last forever! Thank you for sharing. If there are any left at the end of the Open House I would be interested in buying some. I doubt, however, that any will be left; they are too beautiful. In the meantime, I’ll go to her email address.
    I’m so glad you and Jon found the rest and relaxation you so deserved on your vacation. The photos that you both sent are spectacular. Your eyes just connect with things of beauty. Thank you for sharing.
    Jane Mintz

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