Two Lacy White Vintage Hankie Scarves For Sale

Lacey white scarf #1
Lacy white scarf #1

The last time I made some Vintage Hankie Scarves there was a lot of interest in the Lacy White one I made.  So I pulled out a bunch of my lacy white vintage hankies and made a few more scarves.  I have two for sale today.

If you’ve been looking for a Lacy White Vintage Hankie Scarf, just let me know.  They are both sold.  are $45 + $7 shipping.  Just email me here at [email protected].  I take checks or paypal.

Lacy White Scarf #2
Lacy White Scarf #2

8 thoughts on “Two Lacy White Vintage Hankie Scarves For Sale

  1. Maria, I love all of your handkerchief scarves but the white lace one I purchased from you is exquisite! EVERYTIME I wear it people comment on how beautiful and unique it is. I tell them you made it.

    So to anyone seeing Maria’s post with TWO available I would urge you to buy one, if not for yourself, then as a gift for someone special.

    Mine is/will be forever treasured!


  2. Maria the pastel hanky scarf you sent me arrived yesterday. The photo on your website did not do it justice! It is beautiful! I will wear it tomorrow; I would have worn it today but I was already dressed (darn). Not only is the scarf beautiful, your wrapping and presentation were, as well. I need to keep a close watch on your website for more scarves, especially the white lacy ones, but also the colorful ones like mine (purples yellows and soft blues). They will make such wonderful gifts for the women in my family.

    Thanks for your beautiful creations.

    1. Well thank you so much for letting me know. I was wearing mine today, they do look better in person. And I have a white lacy one if you want it. I actually made it for you but I guess you didn’t get my email. I’ll send you another. Thank you again for this.

  3. PS I’m making my first foray into the world of quilting this weekend, learning to make a quilt from my fiance’s colorful beach shirts. I think it will be wonderful, when missing him gets particularly hard, to wrap myself up in his shirts. Who knows where this lesson will take me.

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