Ascension Girls Potholders

Ascension girls
Ascension girls plus a couple of others

The idea for the Ascension Girl Potholders came from my wall hanging Born in a Bottle. 

Born in a bottle
Born in a bottle

It’s about the girl who see’s her way out of the bottle she lives in through the small hole at the top, a tree branch with leaves, the only thing she can see through the small opening, encouraging her.   Now the girl is out of the bottle and with one arm reaching for her destination is continually finding her way up using her own power.

I had a good time making these Ascension Girls today and in between made two other potholders, one inspired by my Cupcake poem and the other by my wall hanging I Like What I See.  I’ll send them all off to Kim’s so she can finish them up (if she has time between making her felted purses) and sell them when I get them back next week.

3 thoughts on “Ascension Girls Potholders

  1. I love these! (And, of course, Born in a Bottle). I love the idea of the Cupcake for Breakfast – the idea of a visual image of your poetry on a piece of art. Yay!

  2. Maria, these remind me of your affirmation pot holders but the affirmation now is not the words but the image. The ascension- an image that needs no words.

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