Self-portrait With Tombstones

Self Portrait with Tombstones
Self Portrait with Tombstones

Gail sent me the documentary, Finding Vivian Maier, on photographer Vivian Maier to watch. (thank you Gail)  It cleared up some of the mystery about her for me.  She took hundreds of thousands of photos in her life, and never showed any of them to anyone.  She made a living as a nanny, but was never without her camera around her neck.  Vivian was obviously mentally ill.  Paranoid, a hoarder and obsessive,  it sounds like she had some trauma in her life probably some sort of violence or abuse regarding men.  Not always easy to get along with and either a good nanny or not so good, depending on who is telling the story.  A complex person and in my opinion a brilliant photographer.  Her work has inspired me to think differently about self-portraits and start making some of my own.

7 thoughts on “Self-portrait With Tombstones

  1. May I ask where Gail found the documentary? I’ve looked and didn’t find it online anywhere. I found some clips but not the whole thing. Thanks.

  2. Was happy to be able to share this film with you! and I am enjoying all your self portraits so far…keep them coming.

  3. Your tombstone photo is very intriguing. Great composition. Thanks for the Vivian Maier link — great photos of the common American life during the past mid-century. What an eye she had. — barbara

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