Dreaming to be known

Weeping Willow Girl
Weeping Willow Girl


Half finished images fill my head
whispering words, song without pause

What did I know, myths of family

Ugly Duckling, Changeling, Blacksheep
simple stories misunderstood




to be known.

3 thoughts on “Dreaming to be known

  1. So true about same home, many experiences. Your poetry is simply beautiful… the imagery is amazing. It’s like you are painting on my brain.

  2. Your brilliant poem was very disturbing to me. I find you to be so deep and special, more than brilliant. I love the way you dress and you have the face of an angel. It’s disturbing and it makes me sad that you don’t feel that way about yourself. Your art inspires me, it’s different and you’re different. Embrace it.

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