“Alligator and Thunderbird”, Linen Napkin Notebook- For Sale

“Alligator and Thunderbird”

I saw this vision during my massage this morning.  A girl standing on an alligator  holding an orange candle, the smoke from the candle turning into Thunderbird.  During the massage I was focusing on fire and smoke and using it to clear some old ways of behaving that had come back to me in the past few days.

After my massage, I went to my studio and started to draw what I saw and as I did, a poem came to me.  They seemed to want to go together, the vision and the words.  The Alligator, orange candle  and Thunderbird are all symbols of strength and have shown up in other dreams and visions I’ve had in the past.  But they’ve never all shown up together.   This is the poem:

Alligator swims behind my brain
telling me stories of another existence

You slip into my soul

No reason to wonder
the story is the same again and again

Wisdom like swamp water settles into my skin.

This piece is about personal strength and knowing my true self.  It’s about tapping into and connecting to the ancient wisdom that is a part of us and every living thing.

Alligator and Thunderbird is for sale.  It’s 18″x 20″ and is $100 + $10 shipping.  If you’re interested in it you can email me at [email protected].



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