Weeping Willow Girl

weeping willow girl

I posted a drawing of Weeping Willow Girl a week or so ago.  I got some nice responses to it and decided to try and draw it in stitches.

In the pencil drawing I had little drops of water coming from the hearts.  I tried to stitch the drops, but it didn’t look right and suddenly knew I need some tiny glistening blue beads.  Now most  Upstate NY  small towns don’t have a bead store in them,  but Cambridge is not your average Upstate NY small town.  And right next to our fabulous bookstore is a fabulous bead store.

I was there and back to my studio with my tiny blue glistening beads in 15 minutes.  I stitched them on and they were perfect.

I think she’ll make a nice pillow.  But I stitched close to the fabric edge, so some of the image would get lost in the curve of a pillow.  I might be able to add some fabric to it, like a border, but then the pillow may be too big.    I can picture a smaller Weeping Willow Girl in the center of a pillow with a lot of space around her.  So this one may be a wall hanging and a pillow may come next.

5 thoughts on “Weeping Willow Girl

  1. Your drawing was mesmerizing. But, I must say, that the stitchery and addition of color and those beads to this piece has made it more crisp and defined — it propels you into it! So very creative & magical!

  2. Maria,

    I would be interested in purchasing this if it is for sale? I would need it to be a wall hanging or one that I could put under glass maybe?

    With our pack of dogs a pillow does not have a fair chance in our household, I love the message of the eye in the tree, wisdom it says and then the hearts on the branches, I would love to look at this each morning when I awake.

    Please let me know if it could be a hanging piece and then if so the price. Thank you!!!

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