Carol Way Wood’s Small World Paintings at the Saving Simon Bedlam Farm Open House October 11th and 12th

Carol Way Wood’s Small  boxes

This weekend, at the Saving Simon Open House, my sister Fran will not be showing and selling her mini-gardens.  She was busy making gardens to give away to a bunch of her friends this summer, but she’ll be back with her mini-gardens at next June’s  Open House.

So instead of mini-gardens, Carol Way Wood will be selling her small drawings of small things.  There’s something miniature about Carol’s work even though some of it is human sized.  Her work is about the little lives that live under leaves and in between blades of grass.  Rabbits and birds, mice and flowers. The natural world fit into small spaces.

 One of Carol Way Wood's Greeting Cards.
One of Carol Way Wood’s Greeting Cards.

From a family of artists, (her mother  was a painter and her  grandfather the well known illustrator Frank Godwin) Carol has been creating since she was 8 years old.  She’s been a free lance artist for 50 years creating paintings and prints, illustrating books and greeting cards and selling her work around the world.  And next weekend  Carol’s work will be for sale  in my School House Gallery at Bedlam Farm.

 A close up of Carol Way Wood's  "E is for Elephant"
A close up of Carol Way Wood’s “E is for Elephant”

I’ll have some of her small boxes, framed prints, books and greeting cards.  And Carol will be at the farm so you can meet her and talk to her about her work.  I loved Carol’s work since I first saw it on her website a year or so ago and I’m thrilled to have her work in my gallery.   So, have a look at more of her paintings on her website  Lucky Bunny Graphics.  And if you’re in the area, come see it all, in person, at the Bedlam Farm Open House this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Carol Way Wood’s Small World Paintings at the Saving Simon Bedlam Farm Open House October 11th and 12th

  1. Maria, you never cease to amaze me. Not only is your creativity a marvel, but your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Your ability to find, encourage and share the talent of so many artists with us is nothing short of remarkable. I have never seen the work of Carol Way Wood before. Its delicacy, whimsy and use of line and color are delightful. Bringing her talent to us is like opening a window on another part of the world. Thank you.
    Jane Mintz Los Angeles

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