Visiting Day For Minnie

minnie and friedaI shouldn’t be surprised, but I was, when I went outside and saw Minnie and Frieda, as if they were having a conversation across the fence.  Minnie was meowing (as usual she has a lot to say) and Frieda seemed to have her ears perked, listening.  I don’t know what was really going on, but you know what they say about good fences and all.

minnie and hensLater I looked out my studio window and saw Minnie lounging around with the chickens.  Usually she spends her day in the barn on  Florence’s old riding mower or in the ceiling high hay bales.  I thought it was maybe the warm sun that drew her out, but she seemed to be making the rounds.  I guess today was visiting day.

5 thoughts on “Visiting Day For Minnie

  1. Hi Maria, What a sweet day for Minnie! It’s nice to see, after all that she’s been through. She’s a toughie for sure! The photos are great. The sun must feel so soothing on Frieda’s joints. (like the heating pad on my knee…sorry to say!)

  2. I love seeing Minnie “out and about,” conducting her business on the farm…and then resting among her chicken friends, camouflaged amidst the leaves – her coat colors are perfect for autumn!

    Kathleen : )

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