Jane McMillen’s Soft Sculpture Pincushions

Pincushions by Jane McMillen
Pincushions by Jane McMillen

I was once again surprised when I opened the box with Jane McMillen’s pincushions.  Right on top was this outrageous cactus and giant acorn!

I know these pieces function as pincushions, but they are really soft sculptures.  You don’t need to be someone who sews to appreciate them or want to own one.

I’ve been working on cleaning up my studio getting it ready to become a gallery for the Open House this weekend, but now all I want to do is look at all of Jane’s latest work and figure out how to best display it.

The art is arriving and it’s getting really exciting.  Okay, back to work.


4 thoughts on “Jane McMillen’s Soft Sculpture Pincushions

  1. Maria, Jane’s pincushions are spectacular…what fun, thanks for sharing them with your readers. I wish you and Jon sunny and warming skies this week-end….up here north of Toronto it’s pretty brisk in the mornings, we had frost the night before last but it’s warming up a bit now…but best of all, the sun is out. I was sorry to read about Mary Kellogg’s Lyme disease. At any age Lyme is debilitating, at her age, it must be awful. Life unfolds as it is meant to but some things are questionable as to why we need them in our lives. Will look forward to lots of pictures of your Open House this week-end…our Canadian Thanksgiving week-end.
    SandyP in Canada

  2. oops…hit something and the message got sent unfinished. I meant to say the ‘wool-filled’ socks are often better than catnip to my cats.
    Good luck on your open house this weekend; I’d love to come sometime, but I am slammed with school work..
    Take care,
    Bridgett Ellis

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