Saving Simon Open House and The School House Gallery

some of my work at the open house

My School House Studio has once again been transformed into my School House Gallery.  First on the tour is a wall of my work.  A couple of Linen Napkin Notebook pieces and some Saving Simon Potholders along with a variety of patchwork potholders….

carol way wood       carol way wood3

Carol Way Wood is coming by early tomorrow morning to drop off the rest of her work.  Right now I have six of her small  original watercolor’s hanging (above are two of the six)…


On the back wall are Jon’s photos.  Some of Simon and one of the meadow flowers.  This time I’m selling Jon’s new book Saving Simon along with George Forss’s new book, The Way We Were. I also have Mary Kellogg’s books, but Mary won’t be here to read, she’s recovering from Lyme Disease.  She did promise to be back in June and with a new book of poetry….

kathleen noheNext to the books are Kathleen’s Nohe’s Wrapped Stones.  They definitely bring good energy to the gallery….

jane mcmillen

Then we come to Jane McMillen’s wonderful soft sculpture pincushions. (well you already know how I feel about these)…..

kimOn a table in the middle of it all are Kim McMillan’s felted purses.  Last year Kim was in the gallery during the Open House sewing my scarves.  This year she has her own work in the show.  This is what the Open House is all about…..


A window full of my Vintage Hankie Scarves….

kittenAnd an unexpected addition to it all.  While Jon was sheep herding with some of the people from his facebook Creative Group, they heard a meowing coming from the bushes.  Out came this pretty white kitty with a racoon striped tail.  A white cat wouldn’t do to well on the farm, easy prey for coyotes, hawks and owls. So we already found a good home for her.  Good omen for the weekend, I’d say.

3 thoughts on “Saving Simon Open House and The School House Gallery

  1. Oh I want a little bit of everything you have. Hopefully you will have the Open House next June and I can attend. Too many things happening in my life right now. Have a wonderful weekend Maria. I will be thinking of you guys from Toronto.

  2. Congratulations on a beautiful exhibit and what seems to have been a joyous, successful and exciting day for all!!!!!
    I wish I could have been there. Someday.
    Glad to see that Alice has found a new home where she will be happy, loved and her white color won’t attract coyotes, hawks, etc. You did good finding her a loving home.
    I hope that Sunday is as successful; I’m sure it will be.
    Jane Mintz

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