A Sweet Weekend


studio end of dayThe walls and table tops were spare. So much of the art that was in my School House Studio made it’s way out the door, even a kitten found a new home.  It was the end of the day, the end of the Open House weekend.  George Forss wandered in and stuck up a conversation with fellow photographer Russell, from Alabama.  Kim listened, finally getting a chance to sit down for a moment. I loved having these three artists in my studio, infusing it with their creative mojo.  And Jon, just out my window,  doing his last sheep herding demo of the day.

It was a sweet weekend of creativity and connection, people and animals.   Now my thoughts are fading and my eyes are closing.  A quiet and satisfied tired,  has slipped under my skin.  The rest will have to wait till tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “A Sweet Weekend

  1. I love this picture of your studio, Maria!! It is yet another angle and view that reveals your work space. ( a photographer from ALABAMA?!? How exciting that people come from states away to be a part of Bedlam Farm Open House!) Annie

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