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Saving Simon Signed Notecard by Jon Katz
Saving Simon Signed Notecard by Jon Katz

The Saving Simon Open House was a success in many ways.  We sold more art than ever, but still have some available to have our second Open House On-Line Gallery.   So if you didn’t come to the Open House and you’re interested in seeing and perhaps buying some of the art I was selling in my School House Gallery, come along with me….

First we have  a Saving Simon notecard by Jon Katz.  It’s a single signed 5×7  notecard for $5 + $2 shipping.  You can purchase one or more by clicking on the paypal button below or sending a check to:

Full Moon Fiber Art
PO Box 205
Cambridge NY 12816



Kim McMillan's "Falling Leaves"
Kim McMillan’s “Falling Leaves”

Kim McMillan’s felted purse “Falling Leaves” is $50 + shipping.  It measures  8″x10″ and the design is hand stitched with vintage buttons.  If you’re interested in it just email me at [email protected].  Kim already has a few custom orders for her purses and is working on website of her own.

Jane McMillen's soft sculpture Pincushions.
Jane McMillen’s soft sculpture Pincushions

All the big acorns are gone, but I’m sure Jane will be making more.  If one of theses pincushions is something you’d like have, you can contact Jane directly on her website Little House Home Arts.

Carol Way Wood
Carol Way Wood

I don’t have photo’s of all of Carol’s work, but I know she has some of her original framed watercolors for sale.  If you’re interested in these or any of Carol’s work, you can visit Carol’s website Lucky Bunny Graphics.

Wrapped Stone 8
Wrapped Stone 8 Sold

Kathleen Nohe’s Wrapped Stones have a beautiful energy that infused the gallery.  One person asked they type of stone one of the necklaces was and it’s healing properties, but I wasn’t sure.  I told her to choose the one she was drawn to not the one she thinks she needs.  I think this is the best way to choose which of Kathleen’s necklaces is the one for you.  I have nine still available.  They are Sold Out.  (But I’ll be sure to let you know when Kathleen has her website up an is selling more)  They are $40 + $5 shipping.  If you see one you like, just email me at [email protected].    I take checks or can email you a paypal invoice.

Thanks for coming to the gallery and hope you enjoy looking around.

Wrapped Stone 1
Wrapped Stone 1 SOLD
Wrapped Stone 2
Wrapped Stone 2 Sold
Wrapped Stone 3
Wrapped Stone 3 SOLD
Wrapped Stone 5
Wrapped Stone 4 SOLD
Wrapped Stone 5
Wrapped Stone 5 SOLD
Wrapped Stone 6
Wrapped Stone 6 SOLD
Wrapped Stone 7
Wrapped Stone 7 SOLD
Wrapped Stone 9
Wrapped Stone 9 Sold


3 thoughts on “Saving Simon Open House- OnLine Gallery- See What’s For Sale

  1. Hi Maria!
    Sooooo happy your open house was such a success! (if only your farm were closer to California!!!)
    I would love to have wrapped stone #2, #3 or #5
    and if either of the brown pin cushions in the forefront of the picture you posted are still available… the round circular ones with the gingham accents…?
    I’d love to have one of those as well!
    Thank you… and let me know what I owe you!

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