Columns and Rows and a New Scarf

A new scarf idea.
A new scarf idea

Since the Open House this weekend I’ve hardly been off my computer.  Two days of putting numbers onto a spread sheet and figuring out sales and commissions.  Not that there’s nothing fun about that.  I love to see how much each of the artists in the show have sold (including me) and then depositing the money in my bank account and writing them checks for their work. But sitting at the computer all day gets my neck and shoulders in knots and inevitably I make some kind of mistake and have to rework my names and numbers.  I just don’t do it often enough (thankfully) to remember from Open House to Open House all the specifics.

Anyway, that’s all done now and this afternoon I started moving all my stuff back into my studio.  Good to get it out of the house and back where it belongs. Tomorrow I’ll get it all (or most of it) back on shelves and somewhat organized.

But even though my head has been  in numbers, and columns and rows for the past few days, I’m dying to get back to my “real” work.  And ideas have been coming to me.

Yesterday I came up with a new idea for a scarf.  That’s it in the drawing above.  I think it would be made from some of the old white linens and hankies.  My first thought was that I’d draw  the girl, tree and leaves with a permanent marker, which may still be the best way to do it.  But I’m also thinking about stitching the drawing.   But then the scarf would need batting, at least for the drawings, and a backing.  Oh see, now I can’t wait to get back to my studio and try it out.

Maybe I’ll just have to leave organizing my studio for another day and get working on my new scarf idea instead.

7 thoughts on “Columns and Rows and a New Scarf

  1. I have first call/’dibbs’on this.
    I love your creativity; your beautiful items reflect your inner and outer beauty.

  2. I’ve been on vacation and missed a number of entries. Wow, those scarves are creative! I really appreciate how you take creative chances. And they always work! I would be interested in a scarf in the future if you continue to make them. Also, one of the pictures shows two little bears. Are they by you Maria? I really like them as well.

    Kathy P

    1. The bears aren’t mine, I think you’re looking at Carol WAy Woods’ work, Kathy. You can see more of her work on her website, there’s a link to it on my blog roll.

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