Open House Aftermath


Yesterday was a wasted day, my moods were swinging from high to low, I was mumbling and incoherent, unable to focus on anything.  I believe I was saved by a massage (for my accountants shoulders and neck) and a Yoga Nidra class, which calmed my mind and quieted my body enough so today I’m back in the studio, cleaning up (kinda).

Every time we have an Open House and I empty my studio of the fabric and all the other stuff, I have this idea that when I put it all back I’m going to take the time to go through my fabric and refold it and reorganize it.  Then I would know what I have and it would all be so neat and looking at it all would inspire me to make something new.

But it just doesn’t seem to happen. I mean to, and I start out folding each piece of material so it fits nicely in the shelf (you can see in the picture I started on the top shelf) and then I just get bored and I  anxious for it to all be put back in its place.  I just want it done and my studio back in order so I can work again and not have to think about it.

A part of me thinks it would be a very calming and meditative process to reorganize, but then I have that scarf I started working on yesterday…..and all that shipping to do from the Open House On-Line Gallery…

Okay, here I go.  I’m going to stick the rest of the boxes and bags under and on top of shelves, so at least there’s the impression that everything is back in its place. (And lets face it, those shelves would be a mess in a week or so anyway, so what difference does it really make). Then I’m going to pack all Kathleen’s beautiful Wrapped Stones and Jon’s  notecards and Jane’s  pincushions into boxes and envelopes and have them ready for tomorrow’s mail.  I already sorted out the artists payments and my commissions, made deposits and wrote checks, so that’s all done.      And now, on Monday morning I’ll wake up to the Open House behind me and a semi-clean and semi-organized studio waiting to be worked in.

Okay, that’s the plan, I’ll let you know how far I get….

7 thoughts on “Open House Aftermath

  1. You get points for meaning well! 🙂 If you think this looks messy, I’ll send you a photo of my yarn/fiber stash. It is really awful. I organize it every December during my 5-day holiday break, but it doesn’t stay organized. I’ve tried all sorts of things – organizing by fiber content, by weight, by color, by project – nothing quite works. So, it looks like a giant mountain of yarn in various baskets, bags, and boxes. Very colorful but organized? Uh, nope!

  2. boy – am I an OC or what! I’d love to get my hands on those shelves; organize them however you wanted; (I’d do it by color; how would you do it if you were so inclined?) My material is all packed in boxes awaiting the right time to give it away. I’m spending too much time outside now and doing very little sewing.

    1. Before I read Sandy’s post I might have agreed, buy imagine how neat they would be after you got through with them, I’d never want to use them Jill!

  3. Maria, I know exactly how you feel with all your fabrics. You have such a variety that there is no way to organize them under a colour designation…such as reds, blues, etc. I know I couldn’t handle your stash; I can barely manage my own. Last winter I went to Walmart, a place I swear not to support for what they do to small town main streets when they go into them…they never tackle the competition of big cities….but I did buy some plastic boxes with lids that flap over the sides and seem substantial. I went through every one of my old boxes, pitched most of them out because they were brittle after many years, went through my fabrics, gave a huge garbage bagfull away to the local guild for charity quilts and carefully labelled each plastic container as to its contents. And now, do you know what….I am starting another project and the one thing that is holding me back is going into my boxes of fabrics…I don’t want to disturb them.
    You’ve had your creative nest turned upside down for an exciting and good reason. Now, you’ll have to get it back to a mess you can create with.
    SandyP in Canada

    1. I love that Sandy, Of course, they’re all so neat and in their place, now you’ll make them a mess again. I’m going to remember this or try to anyway!

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