The “Ugly Quiltling” in Carissa’s Room

Ugly Quiltling in its new room
Ugly Quiltling in Carrissa’s Room

Diane sent me this photo of my “Ugly Quiltling” on its new bed in its new room.  The room is the guest room, known as Carissa’s Room, because it’s were her granddaughter, Carissa,  sleeps when she stays over.

One of the reasons Diane was drawn to the quilt was that the fabric that I used, which had the date 1974 on it, reminded her of the materials her mother and grandmother used to sew with when she was young.   When she received the quilt she realized that some of the patches on the quilt matched the fabrics on two bears that she had in Carissa’s Room.  The bears were made from some of  Diane’s mother’s clothes after she died, by a good friend, to remember her by.  So the quilt has even more meaning for Diane than she thought.

I can’t help noticing it matches the ottoman in the room too.

ugly quiltling stuffed animals

7 thoughts on “The “Ugly Quiltling” in Carissa’s Room

  1. That is so cool Maria…especially how it matches other things in the room..amazing inspiration it was if you knew it was going to go to Diane!

  2. I loved this! I have purchased potholders, all of John’s books and follow your blogs. The quilt is stunning in this room full of memories. I hope all future creations never have to bear the word ugly. Everything is creative, unusual, interesting, evoking emotion, connected to something, meaningful, wonderful. Thanks for sharing your work. Cathy

  3. How lovely that your quilt has so many connections to Diane’s family.
    It is a way to keep those connections living from generation to generation. It is as if it were meant to be there, with that family, in that room with those things. To me, it is almost as if the “spirits” willed it to be there; a gift from your creativity to those who have it now and will probably have it passed down to those they love who will cherish it from now to the end of time.

  4. I loved the reds and blues and patterns in this quilt when it hung on your wall, Maria. And it looks just as beautiful on Carissa’s bed. My eyes cannot get enough of those deep, vibrant colors! Annie

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