Blue Horse

blue horse d

Last week, after reading Mary Oliver’s new book of Poetry, called Blue Horses, I did a quick drawing of the horse sculpture that Pamela, from Blue Star Equiculture, gave me.  On the cover  of Mary Oliver’s book  is a painting by Franz Marc of horses (there’s also a poem about painting).  The horses have some crescent and star-like marks on them.

I moved the crescent to my blue horses’ back and then the stars came.  After that I got the idea for a wall hanging.  This is what I have so far…

Blue Horse
Blue Horse

5 thoughts on “Blue Horse

  1. I really like this! Question ! Is there a way to stream the tree across the green background onto the dark sky ? I have no idea…but if it is possible I think it would be interesting….love the green moon on the horse behind. The shape of the horse is so appealing. Anyway….I took a chance and asked questions I have been hesitant to before. Thank you for the freedom to ask. 🙂

  2. Like what you’ve done so far, Maria. The horse and his position/shape remind me of some of Chagall’s paintings…

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