Blue Horse and Blue Star

Blue Horse
Blue Horse

The trip to South Dakota has been on my mind.  Pamela has been so busy (as she usually is taking care of all those horses and all that goes with it) that we’ve had a hard time connecting.   Last week when I came home from my Yoga Nidra class I sat on the couch and picked up my sketch pad, looked at the statue of the horse that Pamela gave me, on the mantle and did a drawing.

I knew it was Blue Horse, the horse Pamela told me the story about.  The horse that sings the story of the Blue Star, the end of one world and the beginning of another.  But  Blue Horse came at me from another angle too. Mary Oliver’s new poetry book is called Blue Horses.  Her title refers to the Franz Marc painting of four blue horses.  Which led me to  “The Blue Rider” a group of German painters including Marc and Kandinsky  and Paul Klee, who believed  in “expressing their spiritual beliefs through their art”.   The name of the group comes from a painting of a blue horse by Kandinsky.  He believed that blue represented spirituality.

I wasn’t thinking of all this when I did that drawing or when I made the wall hanging.   But I was thinking of Blue Horse as a mystical creature connected to both the heavens and the earth.

I did speak to Pamela today and we began talking about the trip to South Dakota.  The trip is still evolving and I have a feeling  it will keep evolving even as we’re on it.  But we’ll probably leave just after Thanksgiving (hopefully Jon will be coming too) and instead of t-shirts, Pamela is going to have my wall hanging made into flags, a symbol, not only of Blue Star Equiculture, but of restoring the bond between horses and people and the healing that comes from it.

My wallhanging “Blue Horse” is sold.

5 thoughts on “Blue Horse and Blue Star

  1. I like the idea of your wall hanging made into flags – the riders + horses will look
    magnificent carrying those flags on their journey. I look forward to hearing about the adventure to South Dakota.


  2. Maria, What a wonderful finishing. Works so well….Really like the mountain ridge trim and the green star overlaps. Thumbs Up !

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