Stringing a Chair

stringing a chair

I knew the animals were impatient for their hay, but before bringing it to them, I wanted to tie the two pieces of baling twine, that I got from the bale of hay, to the chair in the barn.  It’s that chair without a back and without a seat that I often use as a step stool.  And it was sitting in the barn, and there were all these pieces of baling twine from the hay laying around.   So I did what seemed to me the only thing to do.  I started tying the twine to the chair.  I’m stinging a chair, I thought, like someone might sting and instrument or sting a bow.

We got 175 bales of hay this year and each one has two pieces of twine holding to together.  So I’m not sure what this chair will look like by the time spring comes.  Hairy, I think.  I thought of weaving the twine to make a seat and back, but I like the idea of transforming the chair.  I don’t know what it will be transformed into, but I’m interested to see if I can change its form a bit.

I’m curious to see how it changes. I’ll post pictures along the way.

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