Another Girl and Tree Scarf with Water Soluble Stabilizer


I used my water soluble stabilizer today, and I must say, it’s opened up a whole new world for me.  I did a practice run, stitched the Tree Dancer above on a linen napkin, using the stabilizer, which is just  like a thin piece of interfacing.  And oh my it worked.  Different than stitching on batting, in the way it feels, but has a similar result.  Although, the stitching shows up better. Then I cut off the excess stabilizer and ran the whole thing under warm water.  I started to peel the stuff away, but before I could do much, it just dissolved.  It was that easy.  I could hardly believe it.

So I hung my dancer to dry and moved on to my tea stained hankies…

tree n girl scarf II

The color in my photo is off, the hankies look white, but they’re really light beige.  The exciting part is that I can make these (and other) scarves the way I imagined them, and well…who knows where else it will lead me.  I still have to put a backing on this scarf  (it was another warm afternoon and I took advantage of it to skirt more wool, only Liam and Ma left to do)  I can’t wait to see how it looks all done….

4 thoughts on “Another Girl and Tree Scarf with Water Soluble Stabilizer

  1. Water soluable stabilizer…Maria, brand name???
    The next wall quilt I’d like to do I’d like to incorporate papier mache into it…it’s always fun to discover new ways of doing what you envision and figuring out how to make it work for you…could you post the name of the water soluable stabilizer, please…
    Looking at your choice of clothes, I’m into the same type of clothing…warm jumpers, warm tights, warm sox…warm shoes…only way to survive in this northern climate in winter. We’re about on a par with where you, maybe a little further north, so the weather you get, we often get here…certainly temperature-wise.
    SandyP an hour north of Toronto, Ontario Canada

    1. It’s Sulky Sandy. you can check it out on line, here’s a link:
      And yes, Sandy, the cold is relative. It used to not bother me at all, now I’m a pussy about it.

  2. This is great! I love how you are learning new techniques and using them. The stitching looks more vibrant. Can’t wait to see it with the backing.

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