“Saving Simon” and a Few Other Potholders for Sale

Saving Simon Potholders
Saving Simon Potholders SOLD

I have a few potholders for sale that I made last week and just got back from Kim.  So here’s what I have, 3 Saving Simon Potholers, a Spirit Tree Potholder, and I have one Superman Potholder, (which I made from Red’s bandana, that he wore home from the groomer.)   He and Lenore were  there again today and Eileen, the groomer, said she loved that I recycled the bandanas.  I told her it works our well for me too.  This time Lenore got a push pin bandana.  That will be fun to work with.

The Saving Simon  Potholders and Spirit Tree  are $20 + $5 shipping.  The Superman Potholder is $15 + $5 shipping.

Someone on facebook said she wouldn’t want that man in red underpants in her kitchen, which I thought was really funny, but if you feel differently, or are interested in any of the other potholders, just email me at [email protected].  I take checks and Paypal.


Spirit Tree
Spirit Tree SOLD


7 thoughts on ““Saving Simon” and a Few Other Potholders for Sale

  1. Would like to order a “Saving Simon” potholder to go with my autographed book and postcard. Do you still have one for me? Valeria Hoffman

    1. Hi Valeria, They’re all sold, but I’ll be happy to make you one. I’ll email you about it. You’re not the only one to want one to go with your book. Thanks.

  2. Every home needs a pot holder, pillow, quilt or SOMETHING Maria.


    So every day I lean upon
    A pillow from your heart
    It’s a daily fixed companion
    My own prized treasure of art.

    With all those intricate strokes
    Swirls of words and stitches
    Threads create a picture
    Fills my chair with untold riches.

    A gallery sparked by color
    Supports me whilst I sit
    Reminds me every moment
    How much better can it get?

  3. Hi Maria! Saw you mentioned to Valerie that you might be making more Simon potholders. If so, may I request 2 potholders? One for me, and one for my brother, who also loved the Simon book? Your work is so beautiful, and I so admire your creative process and openess with us. Thank you. That being said, I totally understand if this is not something you’re doing,and are going in amother direction. By the way, I think your latest tree streaming pieces are heavenly!!

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