Bewitched By A Cat

Flo and Minnie on the back porch
Flo and Minnie on the back porch

Minnie and Flo have taken over.  The barn, the porch and now the house.  The dogs defer to them and Jon complains he has no place to sit. (They have him charmed and confused.  He fusses over them, lacking the confidence he shows with all the other animals).

In the summer they live outside, but this time of year every time you open the door, they magically appear either inside or out.  Where ever they weren’t the moment before.   Minnie hobbles around the sleeping dogs, making her way to the couch.  She’ll snuggle with Lenore, licking her ears and sometimes, Lenore nuzzles her back (you catch more flies with honey). But Flo, the smallest animal on the farm, is Queen (off with their heads).  She swats at Minnie and hisses at Lenore.  Even Frieda keeps her distance, afraid to get too close.

How is it that these creatures have taken over the house so completely.  I can only guess we’ve been bewitched.  Cats are known to be familiars to witches, helpers with their magic.  But these cats have evolved. They work for no one but themselves.  Still we all seem to benefit somehow, just by their presence.  By their snuggles and their purrs. How else to explain why we invite them in.  Like vampires at the window, we can’t resist.

5 thoughts on “Bewitched By A Cat

  1. How sweet. I can only imagine the scene indoors. Being bewitched by such beautiful cats, with such distinct personalities can only be a compliment to you and Jon. Snuggles, cuddles, hisses too tend to only add to the warmth of the scene. Seems a little like a Norman Rockwell painting of homey life on the farm. I love it!!!!!!!
    Stay warm; it looks like cold weather is on the way. Would that we could get a good soaking of rain in L.A.
    Happy days.

  2. You’ve captured their mystery perfectly. They’ve managed to get us to do their bidding.
    Cats are cats.
    Thanks so much for writing a delightful post and for sharing a delightful picture.
    From Fran

  3. Very well said! I often think they can read my in “I know she’s going to sit on THAT chair so I will beat her to it and she’ll be obligated to move me to her lap.” We have several more than you (several being relative) and each has his/her own personality and quirks to enjoy.

  4. You have captured the essence of cat with

    “Where ever they weren’t the moment before”.

    My husband and I enjoy our 3 cats’ silent bullying. They seem to round us up, following and squeaking until we are settled on our armchairs in the afternoon and they take up sleeping positions near by. They are never lap cats but prefer to have us in sight.

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