Painted Leaf Shadow Posted Sign

Painted leaf shadows on the Posted Sign
Painted leaf shadows on the Posted Sign, with one real shadow

Hunting season starts on Saturday, but we’re already hearing gun shots. Practice I think, but me and Lenore won’t be walking in the woods for a while, makes both of us nervous.

But we are still walking along McMillan Road, where there are plenty of Posted Signs.   A few weeks ago, Jon took a picture of the shadows of leaves on a sign post that the Posted Sign fell off of (now just a rectangle of plywood).   That photo gave me the idea to go back to that sign post when the sun was out and casting leaf shadows and paint the shadows on the sign.

Today was the perfect day.  The sun was out when we walked this morning casting some leaf shadows.  Less leaves now than in the picture Jon took, but enough for my purposes.  So, on the walk up the hill, I drew the shadows on the sign in marker.  By the time we walked down the hill the sun had moved casting more shadows. So I drew them too.

Then I went home and got some of the house paint from the basement and  a couple of brushes, water in a mason jar and paper towels.  I drove back to the sign and painted the shadows.  There was one lone shadow cast on the sign as I painted and it reminded me that even with the painted leaves, the sign would constantly be changing depending on where the sun was and how the plants in front of the sign changed with the seasons.

Maybe, if the sign post is still there, I’ll do a leaf shadow painting in the spring and summer in different colors.  I imagine the green paint will be faded by then, and the layering could be interesting.

Posted sign with shadows
Drawing the leaves on the Posted Sign on the way down the hill


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