Autumn Oak Leaf, A Quilt

Autumn Oak Leaf
Autumn Oak Leaf

I finished tacking my quilt Autumn Oak Leaf yesterday.  It’s already sold, going to writer and artist,  Rachel Barlow, one of our Common Thread Give-a-way artists. (Click here to see one of Rachel’s really funny cartoons, but only if you want to laugh). She told me if she were to make a quilt for herself, it would look like this one.  That pretty much tells me that it belongs to her. AOL back detail

This is a close up of the back of the quilt.  I had a big piece of the horse fabric and cut it into three pieces to design the back.  I added the two other pieces of fabric picking up the colors and breaking out of the grid on the horse fabric.

AOL detail

This is how the quilt began, with the blue square on the tea-stained hankie which has one of Lenore’s bandana’s under it. (same as the red, brown and white flowers in the bottom left corner).  For just this piece, I tied my tacking yarn in the front to make the knots.  I was thinking of my dream of the small oak tree and the leaves going in the four directions.

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