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Oohhh Delicious….. I said out loud in my studio, squinting my eyes, and scrunching up my shoulders. I had just placed the two pieces of fabric together (the ones  in the photo above).  Something about those colors and patterns together make my mouth water.   I often have a visceral reaction to colors and textures,  it comes in handy when I’m making a quilt.

I was working on my “Hibernation Quilt”.  It’s the piece I thought would be a part of my last quilt, Autumn Oak Leaf, but then decided they were really two different quilts.

The beginning of Hibernation
How Hibernation Quilt began

Cozy and dark, like a long winters sleep under the fallen leaves of the oak tree.  But this block of fabrics seemed to cute, too much like a folksy decoration you might buy in the Dollar Store.  I wanted to move away from that feeling.  So I cut off the big piece of maroon corduroy from the right side and…hibernation quilt  1….warm and rich, contrasting patterns, the dark forest floor and something grand for something so small…..

hibernation quiltI still have to back it, but…yummy.…right?

14 thoughts on “Yummy, Hibernation Quilt

  1. It is yummy. I love the rich colors. It feels warm and vibrant. I hope to one day have the money to buy one of your quilts. I especially like this one with the tree in the middle. It speaks to me.

  2. Yes, yummy is right. It’s beautiful, Maria. Before I clicked on the bottom photo to enlarge it, the light played tricks with my eyes and I thought I saw a watery blue body of water along the body of your quilt. Really good job.

  3. Lovely Quilt. Sorry I couldn’t come to Wilton yesterday, have a bad case of bursitis in both shoulders from raking leaves.

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